AFC Sales and Service offers a complete line of spray booth filters to meet all of your efficiency and/or budgetary needs.  From intake filters and diffusion media to prefilters and paint arrestors, we have it all in the very best quality.  We can supply filters for all booths including AFC, Garmat, Spraybake, Global, USI, and all others, imported or domestic.  

Regardless of your individual filtration needs, be assured that you are getting a high quality product with unsurpassed efficiency and service life.  Below is a small sampling of some of the high quality products 
that we offer.

Laminar III Series®
Use in downdraft applications where a high efficiency diffusion media is required. Available to fit most downdraft booths, both imported and domestic.

Custom Tacky Series®
Use in crossdraft applications. The industry favorite, the Custom Tacky® is a long life filter that is a proven performer at a great price.  Customizable for any booth.

Fiberglass Paint Arrestors
We offer a variety of fiberglass paint arrestors to meet your efficiency needs including: 14 gram, 22 gram, and 18 gram scrim backed media.  All types are EPA compliant

Paint Pockets® Paint Arrestor
This amazing media provides 99.84% efficiency with an average service life 3-5 times longer than other arrestors.  Also EPA compliant.

We offer high quality prefilters to fit every spray booth on the market:  pleats, bags, pads, and blankets.  Each filter is customized to your specifications.   

SA Series Styrobaffle®
A three stage, baffle-type, styrofoam arrestor. Its unique design creates less static pressure than the other leading styrofoam arrestors on the market, with an average efficiency that is greater. The Styrobaffle® arrestor dissolves in waste thinner.

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